25/08/2018 – multidec®-GRAVER

Engraving tool, finished ground or as semifinished product. ► more


25/07/2018 – multidec®-DRILL

The drill product line with high performance drills. ► more



25/06/2018 – multidec®-BROACH

Standard program with square, hexagon and TORX-broaching tools. ► more


25/05/2018 – multidec®SHORT

Short holders with integrated coolant and compatible with modular-systems. ► more


23/04/2018 – multidec VCGT 0702.. A3

The range of V-type cutting inserts, successfully and proved for a long time, has been completed with new dimension. ► more



28/02/2017 – multidec®-LUB

The multidec®-LUB clamping shim directs the coolant precisely onto the tool insert, even at low pressure. The flexible stop allows for the insert to be replaced safely and quickly. The supply of coolant under high and low pressure is made through a distributor block or directly in the multidec®-LUB (IC) clamping shim. ► more


26/08/2016 – multidec®-WHIRLING – Worm Gear

Worm Gear from multidec®-WHIRLING faster and more efficient manufacture of worm threads. ► more



23/04/2016 – multidec®-CUT – BUDGET LINE

More tool for your money. ► more