MULTIDEC – 25 years of quality, innovation and sustainability

25 years ago, UTILIS AG laid the foundations for revolutionising the tool market for small and extremely small parts. The innovative multidec® own brand was developed, with the goal of offering modern high-performance tools with precisely ground replaceable cutting edges. The know-how that has been accumulated over the years has secured our leader position on the swiss type turning market. The standard tools in our product range cover the majority of applications, and we manufacture complex special tools within a short time if required.

Our success and the feedback from the market have encouraged us to continuously develop and improve the product range. We will also endeavour to do our best for the next 25 years, in order to react to customer needs and requirements in the best possible way and provide promising new developments.

The development of the multidec® brand 

  • 1992 Introduction of multidec®-CUT, -TOP and -ISO for automatic turning and the watch industry.

  • 1996 Introduction of multidec®-WATCH, a product range dedicated to watch manufacture.

  • 1998 Introduction of multidec®-BORE MICRO, a product range for the boring of extremely small parts from a diameter of 0.5 mm, with patented cutting edge positioning.

  • 2003 Launch of the multidec®-CUT 3000 product line. This step meant a complete change to the CUT system which had existed at UTILIS right from the beginning. However, this courageous step proved to be the right one, since it guaranteed the continuance of the company’s leading position on the market.

  • 2004 Extension of the range of shaft tools for boring with multidec®-THREAD-MILL thread milling cutters.

  • 2007 Development of the CUT 1600 product line in order to meet the demand for cutting edges for micromechanics.

  • 2009 Introduction of multidec®-WHIRLING, a new system for the rational manufacture of long outer threads, which are widespread in medical engineering. This multi-cutting thread-whirling tool system, which can be used with up to 12 cutting edges, quickly conquered the market, and has been a leader in this manufacturing technology to this day.

  • 2012 Tool Systems: Introduction of tools for lathes which can incorporate multidec® indexable inserts in different well-known tool systems.

  • 2013 multidec®-LUB is an innovation from UTILIS for integrated internal cooling. The conventional tool clamping shim can be replaced with a clamping shim with internal cooling. This makes it possible for the coolant to be controlled with precision by the clamping shim.

  • 2014 Introduction of a new carbide with excellent characteristics in the machining of modern materials.

  • 2014 New chip breaker “GS”: This cut-off insert was manufactured using a completely new technology, which UTILIS manufactured in collaboration with the carbide supplier. This insert has made it possible to increase productivity tremendously in large-scale serial production.

  • 2016 Introduction of multidec®-MULTITASK, a program for turning operations on multitasking machines.

  •  2017Introduction of multidec®-TAPER-IN, a range of tool holders that was specially developed for use on Swiss-type lathes.

We are still producing with different innovations in 2018, our anniversary year. These new products are introduced in the new multidec®-Swiss type tools catalogue.