MULTIDEC®-Bore Micro – for internal micromachining

The products of the multidec®-BORE MICRO line give you a large number of standard cutters with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 8 mm. Sharp cutting edges, small corner radius and ground chip grooves guarantee optimal cutting performance. For the machining of all standard materials, but also of those materials that are difficult to cut, we have sharp cutters made from wear resistant and very tough carbide grades, coated and uncoated. The holder SDA made of high-grade tempered steel, can be inserted into standard clamping systems. The cutter replacement is carried out manually and, as a rule, does not require a readjustment of the axial and radial positioning. The Superclamp holder offers more stability and holding power for special machining processes such as multi-sided punching, hard turning with CBN as well as achieving the finest surface finishing qualities in non-ferrous production with PCD, CVD or MKD tipped tools. AKR-Mono is a holder that is used for external work when those for the inside are already being used.


  • For internal machining methods with small diameters:

– high positioning accuracy
– internal cooling system and
– smallest internal diameter of 0.5 mm

  • Sharp cutting edges

  • Different coatings are available

– coated and uncoated