multidec®-LUB, Clamping shim with integrated cooling and flexible tool stop

The multidec®-LUB clamping shim directs the coolant precisely onto the tool insert, even at low pressure. The flexible stop allows for the insert to be replaced safely and quickly. The supply of coolant under high and low pressure is made through a distributor block or directly in the multidec®-LUB (IC) clamping shim.



Coolant distributors with two to eight outlets, hoses in a range of different versions and lengths, plus diverse fittings and quick couplings are available as accessories for complete high-pressure and low-pressure solutions.



  • the service life of the insert is increased as the removal of chips and heat is improved thanks to the precise positioning of the cooling on the cutting edge

  • increased process reliability

  • use of the multidec®-LUB (IC) clamping shim at pressures of 30 to 200 bar or 435 to 2900 psi

  • quick and safe replacement of the insert thanks to integrated stop in the multidec®-LUB (SE) and multidec®-LUB (IC)

  • simple installation through replacement of the original clamping shim
    with the multidec®-LUB clamping shim

  • tool holders without internal cooling (IC) can continue to be used

  • the clamping shim can be used under high and low pressure

  • for right-hand and left-hand tool holders

  • compact construction

  • different coolant distributors, hoses and push-in fittings for high and low pressure

  • torque screwdriver for precise clamping of the tools