MULTIDEC®-THREADMILL – for the production of full-profile internal threads with a nominal diameter starting from 1 mm

During thread milling, the thread is created through helical interpolation. The machining process enables the manufacture of multi-profile and single-profile full-profile screw threads starting from nominal diameter of 1 mm. The advantages of our multidec®-THREADMILL product line: every item ensures a high degree of process reliability and long product life. The thread depth corresponds to the drilling depth when thread milling. Short milling chips help avoid problems with swarf. multidec®-THREADMILL is also suitable for High Speed Cutting (HSC).


  • The thread depth is equal to the drill depth

  • Lower torque than with tapping and roll form tapping

  • Short milling chips avoid chip problems

  • High Speed Cutting (HSC) possible

  • Reliable process with longer life time