Tool Systems – Your instalation assistance for Multidec Inserts

The controlled parting (cut-off) of pieces near the spindle or near the opposed spindle is often very difficult if you are using standard holders. Either the cutting edge is too far away or the holder collides with the spindle. Specially adapted holders, such as those in our Tool Systems offer an optimal solution. Tool Systems enables you to use UTILIS-indexable inserts with various standard-tooling systems for lathes. This means that the high quality UTILIS cutting edges multidec®-CUT, multidec®-TOP and multidec®-BORE MICRO can be used with the cutters of other manufacturers. That gives you a high degree of flexibility. Tool Systems offer a wide range of holders for the following tooling systems: multidec®-BACKTOOLS and -MODULINE, TECKO, HSK, PSC, KMTM as well as machine-specific tooling systems (ESCOMATIC und TORNOS).

Tool systems:

  • multidec®-BACKTOOLS

  • multidec®-MODULINE


  • HSK

  • PSC



Machine-based tool systems:

  • multidec®-ESCOMATIC

  • multidec®-TORNOS