The Swiss-type automatic lathe holders in the multidec®-CUT, -ISO and -TOP product lines have now been supplemented by “TWIN” holders.
The “TWIN”range allows you to work with two inserts on the same holder. Different combinations are possible, and provide the user with a high degree of flexibility. Holders are available with shank cross-sections of 8 to 20 mm, with and without internal cooling.



  • Twice the number of tools on the machine

  • Two different turning operations are possible with a single tool holder

  • All holders with an integrated coolant supply have five connecting options


New range of holders «TWIN»:


  • 1600/1600... TWIN
  • 1600/1600... IC TWIN



  • SDJC(93°)1600... TWIN
  • SDJC(93°)1600...IC TWIN
  • SVJC(93°)1600... TWIN
  • SVJC(93°)1600...IC TWIN
  • SVJP(93°)1600... TWIN (R-R)
  • SVJP(93°)1600...IC TWIN (R-R)
  • SVJP(93°)1600... TWIN (R-L)
  • SVJP(93°)1600...IC TWIN (R-L)


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