MULTIDEC®-Whirling – THE multi-bladed whirling tool system

multidec®-WHIRLING is significantly increases your productivity in the production of threads. Compared to conventional (single point) thread cutting which requires several cutting passes, multidec®-WHIRLING produces a burr-free thread in only one go. Through the use of up to 12 cutting edges, you can significantly reduce the machining time and save on costs. To give you optimal results, we offer several variations with different cutting tracks and lengths.


  • Up to 12 inserts increase productivity and reduce vibration considerably

  • Little concentricity tolerance and high ex

  • change accuracy of inserts < ±0.005 mm guarantee threads of high-quality

  • Quick and simple change of the Whirling tool reduces set up time

  • Threads without cutting ridge decrease remachining of parts

  • Using UTILIS standard blanks allows short delivery time and
    best possible coating for demanded application

  • Whirling tools with different flight circles and multi start threads available