multidec®-cut – G-line inserts

The performance boost in the cutting area!

Freeform chip breakers for small part manufacturing and micro cutting

Lack of chip breaking and insufficient chip removal are major challenges during metal-cutting machining. The focus is also on high productivity, process reliability and the longest possible tool life.

Perfect chip control is therefore a central issue in all modern production. These requirements are often difficult to fulfil with ground chip breakers.

New manufacturing technologies which are ideally suitable for generating any three-dimensional shapes have increased the degree of design freedom tremendously in comparison to grinding technology. The new G-LINE at multidec® has highlighted the use of this new freeform design technology. Well thought-out chip breaking geometries, fitted to the well-tried inserts of the multidec®-CUT 1600 and -CUT 3000 series, provide maximum performance.

Freeform-modelled chip breakers achieve significant improvements in a wide range of materials in comparison to ground ones. This advantage is particularly evident with materials which are difficult to machine such as super-alloys.

As well as significantly improved chip control, cutting values that are up to 30 % higher and a tool life that is up to 50 % longer can be achieved using the G-LINE inserts in comparison to ground chip breakers.


  • improved chip control

  • better cutting values

  • longer tool life

  • smaller chip volume

  • better process reliability

  • wear-resistant and tough carbide substrate with two heavy-duty coatings

  • sharp and rounded cutting edges

  • can be used on all multidec®-CUT 1600 and multidec®-CUT 3000 holders


Success story

Operation grooving and turning with the “GC20” chip breakerIn a comparison between the new G-LINE “GC20” chip breaker and a ground chip breaker which has been established for a long time, perfect rolled chips and an extremely neat finish were achieved on the workpiece with consistent cutting data. The tool life was increased by 200 %, from 3000 to 9000 parts.

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