We are here for you – how we intend to support you during the Corona crisis

Dear customers and business partners,
we hope you, your family and your colleagues are well! 

The Corona crisis is presenting companies around the world with major challenges. We at UTILIS have launched far-reaching measures with all consequence to ensure the implementation of the following priorities to be ensured, since the end of January,

  • The health of our employees, partners and customers as well as our contribution in terms of solidarity with the measures of the Federal Council have top priority.
    We do not take any unnecessary risks and strictly adhere to the rules of the Federal Council. 

  • We want to maintain our business operations and ability to deliver and we adhere to our customer promise.
    Many of you are directly or indirectly involved with your products in the manufacturing of products listed under "vitally essential products". It is precisely where we see our social obligation for the "big picture" and remain open and accessible for you. 

The current situation in Switzerland and internationally is escalating rapidly, and ensuring the ability to deliver is no longer solely in our hands – "force majeure". The first border crossings are temporarily closed due to quarantine orders. Swiss Post, numerous small and medium-sized logistics companies, but also international large logistics companies are increasingly coming under pressure.

Dear customer, dear business partner,
In order to restrict the risk of delivery delays and therefore avoid putting current and future production at risk within your company, we are willing to cooperate with you to check your internal safety stocks of relevant tools  and  accessories and find the best possible solution for you. 

One option may be to increase your inventory for critical applications. If any goods which you have purchased as safety stocks are not required, we will take back these goods and reimburse the purchase price in the form of a credit note.

Please contact your personal sales consultant or office staff, who will remain accessible to you as usual, and check out the options for taking the necessary steps together. At the same time, our field service will proactively contact you.

With this information I hope to have given you the necessary planning security and I am at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions. 

I wish you all the best in these challenging times – take care! 


Kind Regards,

Mario Macario
Managing  Director/CEO
Tel. +41 52 762 62 62