solid carbide Universal END mills

UTILIS presents its own solid carbide programme with the new multidec®-MILL. This range includes outstanding solid carbide milling tools for universal use and is characterised by a first-class price-performance ratio. This range is suitable for general machining as well as long turning. It includes various milling cutters under the eagle™, wolverine™ and scorpion™ labels.

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eagle™ – end mills

The eagle™ multidec®-MILL programme includes solid carbide end mills with Weldon shank (HB) or smooth shanks (HA) in Ø 2-20 mm with a working length of a good 2×D. These tools are ideal for universal machining applications. The main applications are steel materials and stainless materials. Internal tests have also shown good tool life in materials up to 58 HRC. Tools from the eagle™ multidec®-MILL programme have a wide range of applications and are very versatile. The very short UMMS... 0XS... tools, which are ideal for sliding headstock automatic lathes, are an exceptional highlight. This programme is only available in smooth shanks (HA).


To the end mills:

► UMMS 4… x 020 …

► UMMS 4… x 0XS …


wolverine™ – Trochoidal END MILLS

The wolverine™ multidec®-MILL programme includes tools for trochoidal or helical milling. The wolverine™ tools live up to their name as “polygonal” tools. These tools are also characterised by an extremely attractive price-performance ratio. The UMMTR are available from Ø 6–20 mm, in working lengths of 3×D and 4×D, both with a Weldon shank or with a smooth shank.


To the trochoidal end mills:

► UMMTR 5… x 030 …

► UMMTR 5… x 040 …


scorpion™ – DEBURRing tools AND concave QUARTER radius MILLS

The scorpion™ multidec®-MILL tools include various countersinking and deburring tools in different designs, such as 60° and 90° countersinks, front and back deburring tools, concave quarter radius mills and front and back concave quarter radius mills. These tools are identical to the wolverine™ and eagle™ families in terms of the carbide substrate and the associated quality. This enables us to guarantee good results and long tool life in countersinking and deburring operations as well.

This is our starting programme, which is constantly being expanded and supplemented.


To the deburring tools:

► UMME … x 60° …

► UMME … x 90° …


To the front and back deburring tools:

► UMMVR 4… x 90° …

► UMMVRL 4… x 90° …


To the concave quarter radius mills:

► UMMVK 4… R…


To the front and back concave quarter radius mills:

► UMMVKL 4… R…



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Product Manager
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