27/01/2023 – Cutting-off tool multidec®-4000

With the new «multidec®-4000» product line, UTILIS is providing a powerful range of parting inserts which provides an optimum solution for parting operations for any material. ► more

27/01/2023 – multidec®-LUB tool-plate

multidec®-LUB tool plate with an integrated coolant system, which can be quickly and easily replaced with the existing one. ► more

03/12/2021 – multidec®-ISO DNGU A4 insert

This 4-cutting edges insert has already proven to be a very successful solution for finishing and fine finishing with radii of 0.08 and 0.15mm. With the extension of the line to an insert with a 0.35mm corner radius, we are adding another position to this successful line, in order to achieve excellent results in steel and stainless materials, even with larger cutting depths. ► more


03/12/2021 – multidec®-LUB Coolant distributer with flow control

As an innovation in the multidec®-LUB line, we present the MLU KV cooling distributor with integrated flow control. The flow of lubricant is controlled at each liquid outlet by means of a regulating screw. ► more


03/12/2021 – multidec®-ISO – Extension of the product line

multidec®-ISO – The proven chip breakers "A3", "PF23" and "PF33" are now also available with a slightly rounded cutting edge. New carbide grades and a new high performance coating have also been introduced for all of these inserts. ► more


30/06/2021 – multidec®-BROACH SD-BRM Single-edge punch

In the line of multidec®-BROACH grooving tools, we have completed our standard range with the SD-BRM single-edge punchfor the production of hexagonal profiles. ► more


30/06/2021 – multidec®-LUB Flow controller MLU DFR-1

Flow controller with integrated screw to control the coolant flow rate. ► more


26/05/2021 – multidec®-CUT – G-LINE inserts

multidec®-CUT – G-LINE is the latest achievement for the production of any 3-D shapes for the free-form chip-breakers in small parts production and micro-machining. The new technology has increased the design flexibility many times over compared to grinding technology. ► more

24/05/2021 – multidec®-THREADMILL – WHM thread mill

Significant increase in thread mill efficiency with increased flexibility and quality thanks to the new WHN thread mill from multidec®-THREADMILL. ► more

02/03/2021 – multidec®-THREADMILL – WHN thread mill

Significant increase in thread mill efficiency with increased flexibility and quality thanks to the new WHN thread mill from multidec®-THREADMILL. ► more


19/11/2020 – multidec®-LUB TORNOS SwissNano 4 & 7

If you have a TORNOS SwissNano 4 or 7 and would like to get more performance out of your machine, then there is no way around the multidec®-LUB tooling plate from UTILIS. ► more 


03/09/2019 – multidec®SHORT

Short holders with integrated coolant and compatible with modular-systems. ► more




multidec®-TAPER-IN is a tool holder serie that has been specially developed to be used on Swiss type turning machines. ► more



25/11/2018 – multidec®-WHIRLING

The digital inclinometer gives you more flexibility in machine set-up and adjusting the thread pitch angle. ► more



25/10/2018 – multidec®-ISO/-TOP «FC»

The cutting edge can be changed without unclamping the holder using the “FC” holder. ► more



25/08/2018 – multidec®-GRAVER

Engraving tool, finished ground or as semifinished product. ► more



25/07/2018 – multidec®-DRILL

The drill product line with high performance drills. ► more




25/06/2018 – multidec®-BROACH

Standard program with square, hexagon and TORX-broaching tools. ► more



23/04/2018 – multidec VCGT 0702.. A3

The range of V-type cutting inserts, successfully and proved for a long time, has been completed with new dimension. ► more



28/02/2017 – multidec®-LUB

The multidec®-LUB clamping shim directs the coolant precisely onto the tool insert, even at low pressure. The flexible stop allows for the insert to be replaced safely and quickly. The supply of coolant under high and low pressure is made through a distributor block or directly in the multidec®-LUB (IC) clamping shim. ► more


26/08/2016 – multidec®-WHIRLING – Worm Gear

Worm Gear from multidec®-WHIRLING faster and more efficient manufacture of worm threads. ► more



23/04/2016 – multidec®-CUT – BUDGET LINE

More tool for your money. ► more