we stand for what we strive for.

UTILIS is defined by its 100 years of company culture. Our values and our vision serve as the cornerstone from which we derive the guidelines for the company strategy. A strategy that we follow very closely and successfully put into reality.

Customer Orientation

We do everything possible to respond to your needs and wishes. That is why we always prefer to have an open and honest face-to-face conversation. Our focus is to maximize your benefit by using our precision tools.

Your benefits:

Individual advice. Identification of your potentials.
+ objective evaluation of your needs and wishes
+ optimised processes e.g. through lower down times
+ higher productivity, e.g. through greater throughput
+ lower rejection rate e.g. through more precision production
+ lower unit costs e.g. through reduced process costs
+ happy customers e.g. through improved product quality

= increase of your profitability through the use of our precision tools




Fairness and Respect

We believe in mutual trust and treat all of our business partners and employees with the most consideration and respect. We see this way of acting as a key to sustainable success for our customers and us.

  • We pay attention to the opinions, wishes and ideas of all our employees and give them equal consideration, regardless whether they work on the shop floor, in the office, or elsewhere.

  • We deal with all of our business partners and employees in an honest, friendly and respectful manner.

  • Our communication is always open and honest, with the goal of finding a constructive solution to every problem.





In Switzerland, high level of skill and knowledge is presumed for managers, skilled workers and administrative staff. It is the ideal combination to ensure the quality of our precision tools and to ensure that you get real value for your money.

  • We are always professional and trustworthy in all of our dealings with colleagues and business partners.

  • We use our expertise and carefully observe all trends in machining for micro mechanics.

  • We use these trends to develop our own innovative ideas that thrill our clients and impress professional circles around the world.

  • Our management sets very clear goals and communicates them openly and honestly to our employees.

  • Our management team motivates our skilled workers and administrative staff and drives their productivity.