Typhon – Clean parts

typhon® standalone unit has an ergonomically designed angled opening that creates easy access for cleaning extra wide parts. This unit is powered by air, is used near CNC machines or inspection stations to clean oily residue and chips from parts and the captures that residue with vacuum into a container for recycling. A specially designed, patent pending valve allows an operator to pull the trigger on an air nozzle which simultaneously actuates both an air jet and suction. The air jet allows localized cleaning of parts, while the suction pulls the atomized fluid particles and chip residue downward into a removable container below. 


Product informations:

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  • Captures coolant and chips when blowing off parts … it doesn't end up on your equipment, floor, facility, or operators!

  • Reduces cleaning expense and time.

  • Reduces slips, trips, and falls.

  • Allows cursory inspection of clean parts.

  • Allows recycling of expensive coolants.

  • Improves inside air quality to help meet OSHA and NIOSH limits on airborne mist.




  • Ready to use with an existing air line.

  • One touch actuation.

  • Includes low noise air nozzle and 3.9m spiral hose with swivel end fitting.

  • 340/530 diameter footprint.

  • Portable for more than one application.

  • No electricity required.



How it works:

With one actuation, the typhon® air gun trigger starts two processes:

  • While holding the typhon® air nozzle above inlet pipe, pulling the trigger drives air to blow residue off a part.

  • Simultaneously, the typhon® creates suction, pulling coolant, chips, and air downward, capturing the residue.

  • Exhaust air is filtered before exiting typhon®.



Industries Served:

  • Medical manufacturing

  • Automotive manufacturing

  • Aerospace manufacturing

  • Injection molding

  • Job shops

  • Commercial food preparation

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Furniture manufacturing

  • Automotive garages

  • Laboratories

  • Colleges, universities, high schools



Order your typhon® Clean Parts Kit

► typhon® Clean Parts Kit Ø20 cm

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