Our History starts in 1915. And every day we add a bit more.

The Utilis milestones

  • 1915 – founding of UTILIS Zurich, Switzerland tooling manufactory

The company emanated from “Gebrüder Ernst, Mechanische Werkstätte und Mühlenbau” which was founded in 1868 by the brothers Jakob and Albert Ernst. Albert Ernst Spüler is the sole shareholder and manages the limited company up until 1931.


  • 1925 – UTILIS develops the innovative tool Endfix

Endfix is a special developed tool for forming the ends of straight or bent bars, wires and pipes. Almost unchanged, Endfix is still being produced today.


  • 1931 – UTILIS gets a new management

Emilie Ernst-Spühler, the widow of the founder Albert Ernst, takes over all the stocks of the company and manages the company until 1944 – together with her daughter Margit and her son Albert.


  • 1944 – another change in management within the founding family

Albert Ehrismann-Ernst is now the new owner and together with his wife Margit, he manages the company up until 1969.


  • 1947 – the growing success of UTILIS calls for new capacities

Due to the growth of the business, the company decides to enlarge the existing building in order to create greater capacities.


  • 1952 – our first time as a sales representative

UTILIS becomes the Swiss sales representative for Metallwerke Plansee GmbH Reutte, Austria, which today operates under the name of CERATIZIT AG.


  • 1960 – UTILIS expands its product line

UTILIS starts producing tool holders for indexable cutting inserts.


  • 1969 – another change in management at UTILIS

Josef Paul Huser and his wife buys all shares and leads of the company.


  • 1970 – modernisation at UTILIS

Technology keeps on advancing: UTILIS invests in its machines and uses the latest machining technology.


  • 1980 – UTILIS introduces NC technology

For further improvement of production precision and productivity, UTILIS starts using NC technology. NC stands for Numerical Control, which means that the machines are guided electronically through the use of coded work processes that are stored on punched tape or magnetic tape.


  • 1985 – the next step to the perfect component: CNC

UTILIS replaces NC technology with larger and more modern CNC machines. In order to do so, further building enlargement are necessary. 


  • 1993 – introduction of our own brand MULTIDEC®

UTILIS sets trends in high quality, cutting materials and precision in the machining industry and introduces its own brand MULTIDEC®. In order to live up to the reputation of  “Made in Switzerland”, the company produces its MULTIDEC® tools exclusively in Switzerland – until today.


  • 1994 – introduction of a quality management system

UTILIS underlines its high standard of quality: the company is awarded ISO 9001 certification.


  • 2002 – UTILIS expands: new location in France

UTILIS AG establishes its first subsidiary, UTILIS France S.à.r.l, in Haute Savoie, France.


  • 2004 – management buyout

SIH Holding sells its shares. The new owners agree to run UTILIS AG as a traditional, mid-sized, Swiss, family owned company.


  • 2008 – further increase in production capacities

UTILIS moves into a new extension which is used for the production of indexable inserts and provides space for new offices.


  • 2013 – UTILIS expands to China

In order to ensure optimal customer proximity in the fast growing markets of the Far East, UTILIS AG opens its first sales office in Shanghai.


  • 2014 – UTILIS increases online activities

UTILIS makes even greater use of the internet as a communication- and sales channel. The company website is completely renewed as well as the E-Shop.


  • 2015 – 100 years UTILIS

100 years of UTILIS – this means an outstanding history, always facing new challenges. This means constant development in a complex and everchanging field of activity, in our case especially in the field of high technology. In this field, we always seek to be in the forefront of innovation and to offer unique strengths.  ►more


  • 2018 – 25 years multidec

UTILIS celebrates 25 years of multidec®!


  • 2023 –  Takeover of the company Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc

​​​​​​​After 15 years of successful cooperation, UTILIS takes over Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. from the USA. The long-standing representative will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of UTILIS.