We are bound to our quality standards. It is our responsibility to be innovative and sustainable.

All our products, service, technologies and processes meet the highest international quality standards.

We develop and realize innovative solutions and precise cutting tools for use in micromechanical applications. Our standards? Superior quality and performance. We go out and tackle any task, no matter how exacting. We use our solutions to further strengthen our reputation as an innovative leader.

  • We carefully watch and analyse global markets in order to identify upcoming global trends in the areas of metal cutting and micromechanics.

  • We use the complex problems faced by our customers as inspiration for the development of innovative products.

  • We motivate our managers to establish innovative thinking and action in all areas of the company.

  • Today we have 18 patents for our innovations.


MULTIDEC®-Lub – our prize winning invention for a new clamping wedge system

MULTIDEC®-Lub, a clamping wedge with integrated coolant feed. In many workshops where Swiss type lathes are used, it is often very difficult to get the coolant close to the cutting edge. The problem: in order to economically work on modern materials, you need an unbelievably precise application of coolant at the cutting edge. Precisely applying coolant under high pressure removes the chips quickly and safely from the cutting edge and the machined part. This also helps to preserve the cutting edge of the indexable cutting insert. The result: a clearly extended operational life together with a high degree of process stability for volume production.


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