We are bound to our quality standards. It is our responsibility to be sustainable.

We obligate ourselves to do everything possible to ensure the safety of our employees, promote their health and increase the quality of life of the people around us. In addition, we observe certain basic ecological principles to ensure the protection of our environment. In this way, we bring together all the core aspects of sustainability.



Social principles


  • Long term:

As early as possible, we take into account all imaginable developments, disruptive factors and trends that could influence our business.


  • Fairness:

Everyone involved in a developmental, active or decision-making process, either directly or indirectly, has insight into the entire process and the individual parts of the process at any time. This ensures transparency and that everyone can yields their specific know-how into the process.


  • Holistic:

We always make sure that  we keep an eye on complexe processes in all spatial, temporal and objective aspects.



Economic principles

Our high quality and highly durable swiss precision tools allow the benefit to produce your products much more economically.


  • The targeted use of tools, even without any changes in the in-feed, leads to a longer operating life and higher efficiency.
  • The substrate of our cutting tool materials has a high abrasion resistance, combined with high toughness and impact resistance it is – compared to the interrupted cut of a milling cutter – much more resistant to wear and tear.
  • The use of a large number of cutting edges means that there is less vibration which allows a much smoother cutting action. This leads to a considerably longer operating life for the cutting edge.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to regrind the cutting edge and re-use it.



Interested? Check and evalutate your production processes by one of our experienced application engineers. here



Ecological principles

A ecological production is one of our main company goals. As a traditional, mid-sized, internationally active, family-runed Swiss company in the metal working industry, we have a direct influence on our environment. We see it as our duty to save and preserve our natural resources. So when we develop new products, services and technologies, we keep their effects upon the environment as small as possible.


We achieve this through

  • the targeted and economical use of existing resources.
  • the use of ultra modern machines with low energy consumption and low levels of pollution.
  • recycling and re-use of waste materials.