Our successful subsidiary – UTILIS France

In order to meet the needs of the growing French market we opened our foreign office, UTILIS France S.A.R.L. in Marnaz, in 2002. Nine years later, in 2013, our French colleagues moved their headquarter to Thyez.

Getting established in France – First steps

From the very beginning, UTILIS France offered its customers a wide range of precision tools for automated machining processes. In addition, the company also offered high-performance clamping systems. The concept worked well and was quickly accepted on the French market. The advantages of our brand UTILIS are quickly recognized and valued by the French market: close customer proximity, knowledgeable consulting, extensive service and exceptional product quality.

UTILIS France – well known in the market

Today, UTILIS France is firmly established and delivers 648 customers in all of France. Their main clients include the automotive industry and its suppliers, medical technology companies as well as the aerospace industry. Our tools are highly valued because they have the precision to completely fulfil the growing demands in the metal working and micromechanical industries.