Utilis Manufacture

We work our limits to produce the highest quality of tools and components. This demands continual modernisation and the professional maintenance of our machines and the other resources of production.



Our machines are always state of the art


Technical developments affect all aspects of the metalworking industry and micromechanics. In the area of machining there are constantly new developments and the need for improved performance. Machining processes such as turning, milling, drilling and grinding always have to be faster and more precise. New tool holders and more complex cutting materials need to be developed. The material and the mass of work pieces and parts are becoming even more complex and smaller. We now produce tools for Swiss turning and indexable inserts that have production tolerances measured in µ (microns). As a manufacturer of highest quality precision tools we cannot and do not want to ignore these trends. As a matter of fact: we see this as an opportunity to win new market segments and industries with our products. That is why we continually invest in the newest generation of machine tools. The careful and regular maintenance of all machines and devices ensure their availability and productivity.



Our most important and most modern machine tools are:

  • CNC-milling machines by Hermle, Mikron and Mori Seiki

  • CNC-lathes by Nakamura, Traub and Mori Seiki

  • CNC-grinding machines by Kellenberger von Voumard, Geibel and Hotz

  • CNC-profile grinding machines by HAAS and Ewamatic Line    




Our most important processing technologies:

  • CNC-turning

  • CNC-5-axis-milling

  • CNC external and internal cylindrical grinding

  • CNC surface grinding

  • CNC profile grinding of carbide index plates