The Utilis E-Shop

We offer information, discuss complex topics and provide a user friendly web shop with various service elements in order to create a great shopping experience for our customers.

Interested in using our new website to pick up the newest information, discover trends? At any time you can order tools you need in our newly designed E-Shop. If you have any questions about our products, services or our internet site, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online and use our exclusive service area which you will find on all of our website pages and in the UTILIS E-Shop.



The UTILIS E-Shop offers:

  • UTILIS Multidec – large product portfolio

  • MY UTILIS – your private account

  • UTILIS order assistant – guided product search

  • Customized service modul

  • UTILIS consultancy – about machining and Multidec

  • More


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UTILIS Website

UTILIS website presents our company our culture and our strategical direction. We would like to show what is important to us as well as the principles we base our decisions and actions on. Experience what you can expect from us.

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UTILIS E-Shop Support

Any E-Shop or website questions?

Fon +41 52 762 62 62

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