MULTIDEC®-Bore Micro

The products of the multidec®-BORE MICRO line offers you a variety of standard cutting edges with diameters from 0.5 to 8 mm.

Sharp cutting edges, small corner radii and ground chip grooves guarantee optimum cutting behaviour. Sharp cutting edges made of wear-resistant and at the same time tough carbide grades are available in coated and uncoated versions for machining all common materials, even those that are difficult to machine. The SDA toolholder made of highly tempered steel can be installed in commercially available clamping devices. The cutting edges are changed manually and usually do not require remeasurement of the axial and radial position.

The Superclamp holder offers more stability and holding force for special machining operations such as multi-edge shaping, hard turning with CBN as well as achieving the finest surface finishes in non-ferrous metals with PCD, CVD or MKD tipped tools.


AKR-Mono is a holder that is used on the tool station for external machining - if the one for internal machining is already in use.



  • For internal machining in the miniature range:

– with very high positioning accuracy
– internal cooling supply
– smallest inner diameter 0.05 mm

  • Sharp cutting edges

  • Depending on machining, wear-resistant

– at the same time tough carbide grades (UHM 20)
– coated and uncoated